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Flood in Whakatane New Zealand 2004. Photo by Andrew White. They needed flood protection products!

New Zealand Flood Protection Products & Temporary Dams

Hydro Response is a leading supplier of temporary flood protection products offering sales and lease options for emergency services, utility and construction companies, businesses and homeowners. We provide our clients with the ability to fight floods, build temporary dams and reservoirs and divert streams and other waterways. Our products are easy and safe to use and have no negative impact on the environment.

Product Range

Geodesign Steel Barrier in use for Flood ProtectionGeodesign Barrier
One of the most widely used temporary flood protection products in the world; the Geodesign Barrier has been used across Europe, as well as North America and Australia, with over 24,000 metres in use. It is able to hold back or contain water up to 2.4 metres in depth. This flood protection product can also be used to safely divert water from construction projects or build temporary dams or ponds.

Water-Gate damming a small stream, can also be used for flood protectionWater-Gate™ Barrier
The Water-Gate™ is a portable, reusable, self-filling water barrier for flood protection, able to contain water up to 2 metres. It is able to be quickly deployed in minutes in a flooding event, with the ability to conform to uneven surfaces. It is effective for damming streams or waterways or building reservoirs to meet pumping requirements, such as for Rural Fire use.

EKO BarrierEKO Barrier
The EKO Barrier consists of a removable posts and beam flood protection system, which easily adapts to the requirements of a particular site. Post spacing and beam lengths can be optimised to reduce the number of different components required to achieve easier set up, take down and storage.

Floodgate Door Guard fitted to domestic homeFloodgate
The Floodgate door and vent sealing system protects property when water has reached it in a flood situation and can be rapidly deployed. The Floodgate Protection System is both low cost and effective for Residential properties and robust and flexible for Commercial and Industrial premises. The system has been used widely in the UK and more recently in Europe and Australia.

WIPP system around flood threatened homeWIPP System
One of two water-inflated systems from Hydro Response, the WIPP™ (Water-Inflated Property Protector) is designed specifically for flood control and protection. Made from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester, the WIPP™ is able to be quickly deployed and inflated using any available water source. WIPP™ barriers range in size from 0.3 metres (1ft) to 2.4 metres (8ft) with custom sizes available.

Special Expertise

Hydro Response are the specialists in temporary flood defence and water diversion products and have selected only the best quality flood protection products for New Zealand conditions. Learn more about Hydro Response Ltd and our flood protection products.