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Using the WIPP™ Flood Protection System

The WIPP™ barriers are simply deployed by rolling into position where they are needed and inflated using any available water source. The barriers are joined together using a simple overlapping method, which allows the barriers to be used in a wide range of configurations.

Once the initial ™ barrier has been inflated, the adjoining barrier is positioned and pulled up onto the end of the inflated barrier. The amount the barrier overlaps depends on the barrier height.

The second barrier is then inflated. The inflated weight of the second barrier will provide downward force to seal the connection joint. ™ barriers can be connected at virtually any degree of angle.

WIPP™ Barrier Configurations

Single Flood Barrier Configuration Single Flood Barrier
Corner Enclosure Flood Barrier Configuration Corner Flood Barrier
Complete Enclosure Flood Barrier Configuration Complete Flood Barrier

When the job is complete the barrier is drained, rolled up and stored, ready for the next time.

Removing WIPP Flood Barrier WIPP Barrier ready for the next flood

Smaller sized WIPP barriers can be made for flood protection for door entrances.

WIPP Flood Barrier in a doorway

The WIPP barrier also seals well to walls, using sealant prior to installing on smooth surfaces improves the sealing ability.

WIPP Flood Barrier sealing WIPP Flood Barrier sealing