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Water-Gate™ Acessories

Overflow Diverter Tunnel System

Water-Gate Overflow The Overflow Diverter Tunnel is installed on the Water-Gate™ allowing the overflow to be channelled downstream, allowing the draining of the bottom of the stream. This system replaces a heavy-duty pump and can drain 1200 imperial gal per minute or 90 litres per second. Abrasion resistant tunnels are installed onto the diverter to direct water to the required area.

Tunnel Diverter System

Water-Gate Overflow Diverter Overflow Diverter
The overflow diverter tunnel is made from 100% polyethylene. The black portion of the diverter is funnel shaped to allow the draining of excess water. The (yellow) sliding float inside the diverter is used to stabilise the diverter when in use.

Weight: 14.5kg diverter only
Size: 380mm x 610mm x 1000mm

Water-Gate Main Tunnel Main Tunnel
The tunnel is used to channel the water downstream. It is fitted to the outlet of the diverter to direct the water where needed. It has red handles loops fitted every 1.5m for easier handling. The tunnel is 22.7 metres in length and made from abrasion resistant polyethylene canvas.
Optional 22.7m extension tunnels can be fitted to cover the desired distance.

Tunnel Weight 11.4kg

Water-Gate Ballasting Bags Ballasting Bags
Unrolls quickly to give uniform weight distribution along the front on the Water-Gate™ bib, to aid in the sealing of the barrier to the ground.

Weight 13.5 kg
Length 3m

Water-Gate Peg Peg
Specially designed to hold the bib in loose soil, these pegs have a corrosion-proof coating