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  • » How Water-Gate Works

How does the Water-Gate™ Work?

The Water-Gate™ is a rapid, self-deploying barrier using the weight of the water to stop the water. Its unique design allows the water to flow inside the barrier and to deploy itself automatically, stabilising itself on the spot.

Watergate unfolding Water-Gate expanding Water-Gate lifting
The water unfolds the barrier and flows inside it As the water keeps flowing, the barrier starts to unfold and expand The top of the barrier rides over the water waves as it continues to deploy
  Water-Gate deployed  
  The Water-Gate™ barrier is fully deployed  

By utilising this unique self-opening method, the Water-Gate™ reduces the time, effort and number of people needed to deploy the system, making this a truly rapid flood protection barrier.

See a Water-Gate Video.

Parts of the Water-Gate™

Water-Gate Parts

Water-Gate™ Barrier Joins and Corners

Water-Gate Joins        Water-Gate Corners
The barrier sections are easily joined using Velcro™ strips and clips.
This system allows Water-Gate™ barriers of different sizes to be
joined together.
       The barrier will curve to any given angle
due to the flexibility of it's design.