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Leasing Options for Flood Protection Products

There may be times when the purchase of flood protection equipment is not appropriate. Floods are not easily predictable events in terms of frequency or scale. While most contracting firms would get a good payback on the purchase of these products for water diversion and coffer dams many local and central government agencies may see some advantages in a leasing arrangement.

Hydro Response Ltd in conjunction with Alleasing are offering lease options on our range of flood protection products, allowing customers the use of the flood barriers over the term of the contract in exchange for lease payments.

Benefits of Leasing

The Term

A standard 3 year term is offered.

Payment Structure

Repayment structures are flexible and can be designed to suit your cashflow requirements. These options include monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or structured payments.

About Alleasing

Alleasing specialises in renting and leasing IT equipment, Office equipment, Communication equipment, general Plant and machinery and Healthcare equipment. Alleasing offers a variety of flexible renting and leasing finance strategies to meet any customer's plant and equipment capacity needs and is designed to help customers optimise equipment use, reduce financial risks and preserve capital for other initiatives.

Please contact us for a quote on a leasing plan that will best suit your flood protection needs.