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More information about "Freeboard"

WIPP™ System and Aqua-Barrier™ products are designed to handle a depth of water that represents 75% of the height of a fully inflated barrier. It is required that a minimum 25% freeboard capacity be maintained during all phases of a project. The 25% freeboard includes any wave action so no water may rise higher than 75% of the height of the fully inflated barrier at any time. Excess slope and grade, soil composition, moving water, and related hydrological criteria may increase or decrease the ability of the WIPP™ System or Aqua-Barrier™ to perform as projected.

It is vital that you discuss the amount of freeboard required with Hydro Response before ordering or deploying any WIPP™ System or Aqua-Barrier™ product as any of the factors mentioned above may significantly increase the amount of freeboard required.

Please also refer to the how it works page and the Usage Instructions.