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Floodgate Accessories

Floodgate Flood Barrier in place
Floodgate Barrier
Available in three sizes, based on their extendable sideways range, with flood protection up to 680mm in height. Comes with a ratchet spanner for operating the jacking unit.

Floodgate Stanchions

The stanchions consist of a permanent base receptor set in concrete, into which a 125mm square steel upright is inserted and secured. The Stanchions allow multiple Floodgate barrier installations for longer areas needing flood protection.

Floodgate Vent Guard
Vent Guard

The Vent Guard is designed to protect vulnerable breathing points, for example airbricks and gas vents on the exterior of buildings. Once sited it takes just seconds to operate the unique bung system. The Vent Guard is manufactured from rust proof materials and can be painted to suit individual requirements. It comes in single and double brick sizes with a range of ornamental styles available.