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How Floodgate Door and Vent Seals Work

The Floodgate barrier is constructed using 25mm box section frames, which are able to telescope sideways utilising a strong and reliable threaded bolt system. This expands the frames outwards into a door-frame, or stanchion units for longer flood protection sections.

The outside of the Floodgate frame is covered in a 7mm neoprene material, similar to wetsuit material, which provides a watertight seal. This strong and flexible material will expand with the frames to provide the needed watertight flood protection.

The lower part of the Floodgate has an attached rail, which is able to be extended downwards using the four mounted bolts, this provides an effective seal of the bottom of the Floodgate barrier.

Floodgate Positioning Floodgate Positioning

Floodgate Positioning Floodgate Installed Floodgate Working
Floodgate Positioning Floodgate Installed Floodgate Protecting

Modular Floodgate
Floodgate is also designed to extend in modular form, with the units able to be positioned between supplied fast fit stanchions, and have been proven to be effective in the protection of large apertures and structures. Advice and instructions for the fast fit stanchion installation will be provided.