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Floodgate Door Protection in use

Floodgate Door and Vent Seals

Floodgate is a rapid deployment flood protection system, which is low cost and effective for residential properties and robust and flexible for commercial and industrial premises.

Floodgate was developed in conjunction with the University of Wales and is used by the Environment Agency and many councils in England and Wales and now in Australia.

The Floodgate flood protection system consists of doorway barriers that are able to be extendable through a unique modular system. They are especially suitable for businesses requiring increased flood protection measures. Vent Guards are also available to protect vulnerable vent points on the building exterior walls.

Door Guards

Floodgate guarding door
The Floodgate door guards are designed with the homeowner in mind and consist of a 25mm boxed frame that are able to telescope sideways using a strong jacking mechanism. The frame is covered by a 7mm thick rubber envelope that creates a watertight seal against the doorway frame.

This lightweight effective door guard takes 2 minutes to install and comes complete with are the equipment needed to successfully protect your valuable home or business from the effects of flooding.

The Door Guards fits 99% of domestic doorways moulding itself to the doorway for effective sealing of your property to 680mm in height.

Commercial Units

Commercial Flood Protection for doorways
Floodgate for commercial businesses is designed to extend in a modular form. Stanchions are locked into previously installed ground fittings. The Floodgate barriers are then positioned laterally between the stanchions, providing a proven and effective protection system for large structures and openings. Floodgates can also be made to measure for non-standard openings.

Vent Guards

Vent Seal Unit from Floodgate

The Vent guard is designed to protect vulnerable breathing points on a building, for example air-bricks and gas vents on the exterior of buildings. Once sited it takes just seconds to operate the unique bung securing system.

Floodgate System Features

Model Name Standard Regular Medium Large
Heights Availablea 0.68m 0.68m 0.68m 0.68m
Effective Flood Protection Height1 0.68m 0.68m 0.68m 0.68m
Expanding Size Range (Door Width) 77cm - 89cm 89cm - 97.5cm 97.5cm - 113cm 119.5cm - 136cm
Percentage Freeboard2 Needed 0% 0% 0% 0%
Weight (dry) per unit 15kg 16kg 16.52kg 18kg
Overtopping3 OK Yes Yes Yes Yes
Base Width4 Needed 5cm 5cm 5cm 5cm
Suitable Surfaces Asphalt, Concrete, Paving, Lino, Wood Lintel, Tiles
1  Effective Flood Protection Height is the height of water that the barrier will withstand.

2  Freeboard is the amount of flood barrier that needs to be above the water level.

3  Overtopping is the ability of the flood barrier to withstand water overflowing the barrier.

4  Base Width is the amount of flat or nearly flat ground needed to support the barrier. It is the flood barrier's effective "width" on the ground.