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Geodesign Barrier Parts, Acessories & Options

Geodesign Flood Barrier Supports Supports

The supports are foldable galvanised steel frames, supporting the barrier at a 45-degree angle. They take the main barrier loads and provide attachment points for the connection rods and aluminium or wooden sheets or pallets.

EUR45 4.5kg EUR 65 13.0kg EUR 85 17.3kg EUR 125 22.4kg EUR 150 27.2kg EUR 180 39.5kg EUR 240 60.5kg

Geodesign Flood Barrier Connection Rods Connection Rods

The connection rods provide the spacing and stability to the barrier, allowing ease of assembly and structural strength. The rods provide a standard 1.23m centre between supports. Adjustable connection rods are used for installing corner elements.

Weight: 3.0kg

Geodesign Flood Barrier Supports Barrier Surface Materials

Aluminium sheets, waterproof plywood sheets or wooden pallets are used as a supporting barrier surface. The type used depends on the barrier system chosen, ie Steel Barrier, Board Barrier or Pallet Barrier. They provide stability and strength to the barrier.

Aluminium 15.0kg Board 13.0kg Pallet 25.0kg

Flood Barrier Alu-Locks Alu-Locks

The Alu-locks secure the sheets of aluminium or plywood to the front face of the barrier. They are quick to install and remove.

Weight: 30 grams

Geodesign Membrane Plastic Membrane

A plastic membrane is secured to the front of the barrier and out from the barrier along the ground. This provides the sealing requirements for the barrier. It is made from reinforced polypropylene and comes in a 3.7m x 100m roll and weighs 0.2kg per m2

Weight: 48.0kg

Geodesign Barrier Sealer Clips Sealer Clips

The clips are used to secure the plastic membrane to the top of the barrier.

Weight: 90 grams

Geodesign Barrier Sealer Clips Chain with Karabiner

Chain lengths are joined together and placed on the front edge of the membrane on the ground to provide an initial weight to the membrane until the water arrives. Chain lengths are 3.6m x 16mm chain link thickness.

Weight: 5.5kg

Geodesign Barrier Wingshields Wingshields

The Wing-shields are the Geodesign barrier corner elements, allowing multiple angle configurations. They hook over the special extendable connection rods using the Wingshield handles on the back.

Weight 10.0kg.

Geodesign Barrier Height Extensions Extensions

The Geodesign barrier is capable of being extended from 1.25m to 1.8m through use of extension supports. These are secured to the existing supports, where additional sheets and plastic membrane are added to complete the additional height.

Weight: 20.0kg

Barrier Wall Connection Wall Connection

The wall connection is secured to an existing wall surface and allows the plastic membrane to be secured to the wall to improve the sealing of the barrier.

Weight: 8.0kg

Flood Pump Flood Pump Flood Pump

The new flood pump SHB 50 is especially developed for coping with floodwater. With a 6.5 hp petrol engine it can pump 3000 litres per minute. .

Weight: 50.0kg