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Using the Geodesign Barrier

Geodesign barriers have been used successfully for over a decade throughout Europe in flooding conditions, river diversions, construction site de-watering and creating water basins and reservoirs. It's simple design and ease of use provides a rapid solution to containing or diverting water with a tested, safe and proven reliability flood barrier system.

Flooding in Charleville, Queensland, Australia 2008

Geodesign Steel Barrier in use in AustraliaIn January 2008, 375m of Pallet Barrier was assembled in the town of Charleville, Queensland, to plug two gaps in a under construction flood defence wall. The water rose to 0.5m on the barrier, protecting the town from flooding. See a Video of the Charleville Flood Fight.

Flooding in Ironbridge, Wales 2004

Geodesign Steel Barrier in use in Wales
In February 2004, the river Severn rose to severe flood levels in Wales. 550 metres of the Steel Barrier were erected in 5 hours to a height of 1.25m and 1.8m at Ironbridge Gorge.
The barrier protected the town, which in past floods has been devastated by the rising river levels.
The authorities responsible for the deployment were quoted as saying "If we can protect Ironbridge, with its old and complex ground structure, I have no doubt that we can protect any city".

Flooding in Arvika, Sweden, 2000

Geodesign Flood Barrier in use in Sweden
In mid November 2000, 1,500 metres of the Pallet Barrier were erected in two main areas of Arvika, the Strand Estate and a shopping centre.
Lake Glafsfjorden rose 12cm a day, rising to over 3 metres above normal lake levels. The barrier protected the town from the damaging effects of flooding.

Geodesign Steel Barrier in use in Sulvik, Sweden Geodesign Flood Barrier in use in Cologne, Germany Geodesign Flood Barrier in use in Aasele, Sweden
Sulvik, Sweden, 1999 Cologne, Germany, 1999 Åsele, Sweden 1998

River Diversion

Geodesign Steel Barrier River Diversion Interserve Projects Ltd chose the Geodesign Barriers for their construction work in the River Calder at Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK.

The Pallet barrier was used to divert water from an old riverside wall to allow construction work to replace the wall as part of a flood alleviation scheme.

Water Basins and Reservoirs

Geodesign Barrier Water Basin Temporary water basins and reservoirs can be built for any water storage purposes.

This might include having water basins in areas of high fire risk to have a readily available water source to pump from or water storage for crops or animals during dry periods.

Ground Conditions

The Geodesign barrier can be installed on a wide range of ground surfaces including:

Geodesign Flood Barrier on Asphalt Geodesign Flood Barrier on Concrete Geodesign Flood Barrier on mud and soil
Asphalt Concrete Mud and Soil
Geodesign Flood Barrier on Gravel Geodesign Flood Barrier on Grass Geodesign Flood Barrier on Snow
Gravel Grass Snow

Barrier Height Extensions

One of the unique features of the Geodesign barriers is the ability to extend the barrier in height. This is an advantage if the flooding levels are peaking higher than expected as additional barrier height can be added during the flood.

Another situation requiring higher barrier levels is when there is uneven ground, extending the barrier in low areas will maintain a more level barrier height across the area to be protected.

Geodesign Flood Barrier Extensions Geodesign Flood Barrier Extended Height
Attaching the extension supports to the barrier. Aluminium sheets and membrane are then added to complete extension.