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Geodesign Flood Barrier in large scale flood

Flood Barriers from Geodesign Barriers™

Flood Barriers from Geodesign Barriers™ are one of the most widely used flood protection barriers on the market, with a proven track record and numerous successful operations carried out around the world.

Geodesign Barriers™ incorporate high quality design and materials with the latest manufacturing processes to produce a trusted, safe and reliable flood barrier and protection system.

This flood barrier system is used by the European Civil Defence agencies, civil engineering contractors and environment agencies. The barriers have a simple and robust design consisting of a strong high quality galvanised steel frame, which is designed to support, aluminium sheets (STEEL BARRIER), waterproof plywood (BOARD BARRIER) or wooden pallets (PALLET BARRIER).

Geodesign Steel Barrier Geodesign Board Barrier Geodesign Pallet Barrier
Steel Barrier Board Barrier Pallet Barrier

Geodesign Flood Barrier Heights

The standard barrier protection heights in the this system are 0.45m, 0.65m, 1.25m, 1.5m, 1.8m, and 2.4m barriers.

A new 1.5m high barrier that can be deployed at 0.5m, 1.0m or extended to 1.5m has just been launched.

Geodesign British Standards Approved Flood Barrier

Geodesign Barriers were the first freestanding flood barriers to achieve the coveted British Standards Institution BSI Kitemark (in May 2003).

Geodesign Barrier™ System Features

Model Name EUR45 EUR65 EUR85 EUR125 EUR150 EUR180 EUR240
Heights Available 0.30m 0.65m 0.85m 1.25m 1.50m 1.80m 2.40m
Effective Flood Protection Height1 0.30m 0.65m 0.85m 1.25m 1.50m 1.80m 2.40m
Percentage Freeboard2 Needed 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Steel Barrier Weight (dry) of 1.23m section 25kg 32kg 40kg 65kg 75kg 95kg 150kg
Board Barrier Weight (dry) of 1.23m section 23kg 30kg 28kg 56kg 71kg 61kg 142kg
Pallet Barrier Weight (dry) of 1.23m section 35kg> 42kg 50kg 80kg 85kg 125kg 190kg
Overtopping3 OK Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Base Width4 Needed (including Membrane) 1.3m 2.7m 2.7m 3.7m 4.5m 5.4m 6.0m
Suitable Surfaces Asphalt, Concrete, Paving, Grass, Soil, River & Stream Beds
1  Effective Flood Protection Height is the height of water that the barrier will withstand.

2  Freeboard is the amount of flood barrier that needs to be above the water level.

3  Overtopping is the ability of the flood barrier to withstand water overflowing the barrier.

4  Base Width is the amount of flat or nearly flat ground needed to support the barrier. It is the flood barrier's effective "width" on the ground.

For really strong, proven protection from flooding you can rely on the strength and engineering of Geodesign temporary flood barriers. This is one flooding system that people are happy to stand behind! Samples are available for testing and evaluation.