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Flood Response Deployments

Hydro Response has carried out a number of flood response deployments, both nationally and internationally. This is where our expeirience counts, fighting real floods.

Rangiora, North Canterbury June 2014

Heavy rain saw the town’s storm water network at capacity with overflowing drains. A WIPP Barrier was deployed across an intersection preventing the storm water from flowing down the street to neighbouring properties.

WIPP Flood Barrier in Rangiora WIPP Flood Barrier in Rangiora

Fernside, North Canterbury June 2014

The Water-Gate was deployed across the access to the local Fernside School, allowing the draining of flood waters away from the central building area, diverting the flow around the buildings.

Watergate Flood Barrier in Fernside Watergate Flood Barrier in Fernside

WIPP Barriers were deployed around a home to divert flood waters from a nearby stream which over topped its bank.

WIPP Flood Barrier in Fernside WIPP Flood Barrier in Fernside

Waitaki River Township, South Canterbury, New Zealand - May 2009

Due to extraordinarily heavy rain in the Waitaki River catchment, lake and river levels had risen with the Meridian Waitaki power station dam running at full capacity. Water had to be spilled from the dam in order to maintain safe levels. The released water raised the Waitaki River to a level that caused a breech in the river bank adjacent to the Waitaki River township.

Hydro Response was asked to assist in protecting the township. Members of the local rural fire and civil defence teams worked through the night, deploying the WIPP, Watergate and Geodesign barriers. River water was kept at bay while the flooded areas around the homes were pumped dry and property protected from damage.

WIPP Flood Barrier in Waitaki Geodesign Flood Barrier in Waitaki Watergate Flood Barrier in Waitaki

Fernside, North Canterbury, New Zealand - July 2008

When a stream had breached its banks and had made its way across a number of life style blocks in the Fernside area of North Canterbury, threatening one of the homes in its path, Hydro Response was asked to respond, where we deployed a WIPP barriers and diverted water around the home.

WIPP Flood Barrier in Sefton WIPP Flood Barrier in Sefton

Sefton, North Canterbury, New Zealand - June 2008

When the stream behind the town of Sefton in North Canterbury burst its banks after heavy rain, Hydro Response was asked by Waimakariri Civil Defence to assist in protecting a home that was in direct line of the flood waters and had been flooded out a year earlier. Hydro Response deployed two WIPP barriers and diverted the water from the home keeping it dry.

WIPP Flood Barrier in Sefton WIPP Flood Barrier in Sefton

Charleville, Queensland, Australia - January 2008

Hydro Response was asked by Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) in Australia, if we were able to assist in the installing of 375m of the Pallet Barrier borrowed from New South Wales, to protect the town of Charleville, approximately 800km inland from Brisbane. This was due to the rising Warrego River which flows past the town.

Staff from EMANZ and Palmerston North Rescue Team together with Clay Griffin, Managing Director of Hydro Response, flew out of the country two hours later to Australia and spent the following days assisting with the flood response for this community, keeping it safe from floodwaters.

Geodesign Flood Barrier in Charleville Geodesign Flood Barrier in Charleville
See video and more photos of this very successful flood response.

Christchurch man helps save town (from The Press 24 January 2008)

Geodesign Flood Barrier in Charleville
EMERGENCY: Clay Griffin directed the building
of a flood protection barrier in the
Queensland town of Charleville.

A Christchurch flood specialist has helped save a town in Queensland.

Clay Griffin was part of a New Zealand emergency team called in to build a flood barrier for the town of Charleville, which was under threat from rapidly rising floodwaters.

Griffin, the managing director of Christchurch company Hydro Response Ltd, said that after receiving a call last Friday he was on a plane within hours -- heading to Charleville, 780km west of Brisbane.

Levee equipment was flown in on two Royal Australian Air Force Hercules aircraft that evening, leaving Griffin and his team of three other Kiwis and Australian volunteers to battle the flood through the night.

Apart from an hour's sleep at 5am, the Kiwis worked on until the 375m-long flood wall was in place.

Many people who had been evacuated from their homes came to help, said Griffin.

"They were great. They all got behind us and anything we wanted they went out and got it."

Their work was acknowledged by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who made a surprise visit on Sunday.

Charleville's 4000-strong population had been pretty nervous about the rising river, but there was relief as the hastily built levee did its job, said Griffin.

The Warrego River reached its 6m peak about noon on Tuesday