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EKO Barrier Accessories

Post Anchor Plate

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Anchor Plate:
Mark: A2
En 10088-­-2-­-numeric mark: 1.4301
AISI: 304
Reh :220 MPa
Rm : 550-­-750 MPa
Surface Anchor Plate: Type 304 Stainless Steel
Anchor Support Imbed Assembly ASTM A-­-36
Hot Dipped Galvanized ASTM A-­-123
Welding Stainless to Carbon Steel AWS D1.6 1999 Structural Welding Code Stainless
D1.6M 2007 Requirements for Welding Stainless Steel Structural Assemblies/Components Including Stainless to Carbon Steels ; Annex F ( Informative) Suggested Filler Metal For Various Combinations Of Stainless Steels and Other Ferrous Base Metals.

Anchor Bolts

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All bolts (2 per Post) shall use and meet this minimum specification and are to be certified and X-rayed.
Finished bolts shall be of Grade 5 Titanium conforming to ASTM B 348, “Standard specifications for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Bars and Billets. The finished bolts conform to ASTM F468M,“ Standard Specifications for Nonferrous Bolts, Hex Cap Screws and Nuts” .
DIN 188, M30 x 100, class 5.6 or better
Size minimum: M30 x 100
Strength class minimum: 5.6
Cross section: 561 mm2
Tensile strength: 140 ksi
Testing strain: 280 MPa
ReH: 300 MPa
Rm: 500 MPa

EKO Barrier Posts

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All posts shall be a welded steel fabrication, engineered by a structural engineer to meet the specific wall load requirements. The posts shall use a two bolt anchor design. Posts shall be designed for a minimum safety factor of 1.5 plus. Posts yielding over six feet height flood protection shall have, for added strength and safety, a steel brace attachment.
The Brace calculation shall be performed by the structural engineer.
Allowable Stress: 263 MPa Calculated Post Stress: 154.5 MPa

Beams or Stop Logs

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All beams shall be manufactured of high strength extruded aluminium with a specified profile to accommodate stacking and include two formed channels for connecting the rubber seals without gluing to make seal replacement as easy as possible. All beams shall have 2 rubber seals for a 100% watertight seal. Just position the beam seal side down. Beams shall be symmetrical to assure a “not end to end “stacking simplicity.

MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: Beam shall be an Aluminium extrusion ASTM B221M Alloy 6005, as this is stronger than 6060 or 6063
Seals: Two extruded/moulded seals shall be retained in special formed channels on the beam bottom. This eliminates the need for adhesives as well as makes replacement if necessary much simpler.
Width: 100 mm
Height: 185 mm

Hold Down Clamps

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Hold Down Clamps secure the aluminium beams once they are stacked in the wall and add down pressure to the water filled beams for water tight sealing of the bottom beam to ground surface and to the intermediate beam seals in the stack.

Hold Down Clamps shall be of simple carbon steel design, hot dipped galvanized, to make it easy to accommodate varying wall heights on a post. The assembly shall lock onto the post or end bracket with secure lugs and spin down the wing nut to apply down force on the aluminium beams.

ASTM A-­-36 Hot-­-dipped, galvanized ASTM A-­-123